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TASAKI,A luxury jeweler from Japan started 70th anniversary

A luxury jeweler from Japan founded in 1954. With pearls and diamonds as two major elements, they continue to create modern and edgy jewelry backed by world-class material quality, delicate and innovative creativity, and refined craftsmanship. A brand that is characterized by an innovative world of beauty that overturns stereotypes, created together with up-and-coming creators.

Serving as a brand partner at the reception held prior to the opening of TASAKI’s 70th anniversary exhibition “FLOATING SHELL” to be held at BA-TSU ART GALLERY in Omotesando, Tokyo from Friday, April 26th. MOMO from the global girl group “TWICE” has appeared. MOMO was able to enjoy the exhibition early, wearing new high jewelry from the iconic jewelry Balance.'' She said,It was very interesting to see collaborations with items from various genres. I wore it and thought that each pearl really shined and the modern design was very nice.”
The TASAKI 70th Anniversary Exhibition is scheduled to be held in various countries around the world over the course of this year, starting with Tokyo, then moving to Shanghai, Osaka, Taipei, Seoul, Paris, and London.

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