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Japan’s lab-grown diamond market

Japan’s lab-grown diamond market is expanding little by little, albeit at a very slow pace.
The reason why there are so few people is the opposite of natural diamonds.
Negative promotion of LGD to consumers.
However, young consumers are gradually becoming more aware of LGD.
The current retail market size for LGD jewelry in Japan is said to be $110 million.
When we conducted a survey five years ago, many retailers answered that if the price of LGD were reduced to 1/10th that of natural products, they would be able to clearly differentiate it and sell it as a separate brand. did.
Currently, the price is already less than 1/10th of the price, so the conditions are well established to start selling LGD, but many traditional jewelry shops still do not sell it.
The reason is that they are worried that the natural diamonds they currently have in stock will not sell.
Until now, we have been promoting the benefits of natural diamonds to consumers, but if we suddenly explain the benefits of LGD to consumers, our philosophy will become different. However, due to changes in consumers, the LGD market will expand in the near future. Japanese people are conservative, so it will take a little longer.

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