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Tokyo Daikanyama jewelry brand MasPender

Tokyo Daikanyama jewelry brand MasPender. renews its brand logo and starts a new phase

The birth of a brand logo with two unicorns, symbolizing miracles, good fortune, and growth, and a determination-filled logo.

The new brand logo of Tokyo Daikanyama jewelry “MasPender.” features two unicorns.

The path shown by the two unicorns

The unicorn is a symbol of miracles, good fortune, and growth. The reason for choosing two unicorns is that “when you come to a crossroads, the path you choose is not decided from the beginning whether it will be successful or not, so you should do your best to succeed on the path you have decided on.”

Rather than praying for miracles or good fortune from the unicorns, “miracles and good fortune can be achieved by growing yourself.” This is the new brand logo that contains such a strong will that comes after making courageous choices and achieving them over and over again.

The story drawn by MasPender. producer Masumi Akiyama, “Jewelry of Two Unicorns”

MasPender. has released two series of unicorn jewelry so far.

The two pieces of jewelry are the “Unicorn Pendulum Pendant” announced last summer and the “Unicorn Fountain Bracelet” to be released in May 2024.
Producer Masumi Akiyama secretly gave the two pieces of jewelry a message that foreshadowed the story leading up to the change of the brand logo.

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