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TASAKI launches new high jewelry collections including “RITZ PARIS par TASAKI”

Harmony Bracelet
[18K white gold, platinum, Akoya pearl, diamond, blue topaz, lapis lazuli, amethyst,
garnet, emerald, peridot, tanzanite, pink tourmaline, aquamarine]

Since its founding in 1954, TASAKI, a luxury jeweler from Japan that has been creating modern and edgy jewelry with pearls and diamonds as its two major elements, has announced its latest high jewelry collection, including the new “RITZ PARIS par TASAKI” collection in partnership with Ritz Paris, one of the world’s best hotels and an embodiment of French elegance, sophistication and luxury, in Paris during the 2024-25 Autumn/Winter Haute Couture Week.

“RITZ PARIS par TASAKI” is a high jewelry collection born in 2016 by combining TASAKI’s craftsmanship and creativity with Ritz Paris’ tradition and innovation. Throughout its long history spanning more than 125 years, Ritz Paris has been loved by artists and cultural figures, as well as socialites and muses of the high society of each era.

And now it’s 2024. The new collection, Nouvelle ere, is an edgy yet elegant and sophisticated piece that was unveiled in a memorable year for Paris as it ushered in a new era. It is a piece that the pioneers who have vividly colored the history of the Ritz Paris would have worn if they were alive in this era.

At the presentation held at the Ritz Paris Salon d’Ete on June 24th and 25th, couture flower artist Mutsuko Nakamura’s work “Dyeing Eternity” added color to the jewelry. This floral decoration, which is made of overlapping silk petals that have been carefully dyed one by one, is a new piece that was added to her long-standing collection and was created specially for this presentation. The silk flowers that continue to bloom forever have a presence that surpasses that of fresh flowers, and as a symbol of ultimate sustainability, they resonate with the spirit of the Ritz Paris’ past icons, further enhancing the beauty of the jewelry.

The latest works from TASAKI Atelier, known for its modern and glamorous designs inspired by the beauty of nature, will also be announced at the same time, further expanding the world of the TASAKI High Jewelry Collection.

Lumineux Ring
[18K white gold, Akoya pearl, yellow diamond, diamond, multi-colored diamond]
Sentiment Necklace
[18K white gold, Akoya pearl, diamond, canary tourmaline]

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