2018 Japan’s jewellery market

japanjewelrymarketsize2018Japan’s jewellery market has continued to decline at the peak of 1991, but it hit bottom in 2011, after that it has leveled off or slightly increased.

The market size in 2018 is 946.8 billion yen (about 7.6 billion Euro €). Until the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, market size will increased by growing consumer confidence.

It is currently the world’s third largest market after America and China.

Japanese Jewelry Design Conpetition In KOFU


Designer/Keiko Iijima Company/ KOSHIN JEWEL Co.,LTD Materials/Koo-fu Pt950, Diamond


Designer/Hitomi Tanzawa Company/ ISHITOMO CO.,LTD Materials /Koo-fu K 18YG, Iris Quartz, Diamond


Designer/Satomi Horai Company/ ISHITOMO CO.,LTD Materials /Koo-fu K18PG, Ruby, Pink Sapphire, Pt850, K 18PG, K 18YG


Designer/Moe Yano Company/ KONDO JEWELY CO.,LTD Materials/Koo-fu Pt950, Blue Topaz, Diamond

Bridal × Technology

Re Propose Ring {}bridal ring jewelry

New Technology bridal or memorial ring was launch.

It is amazing that the ring formed by message voice wave.

The company which launch such a unique jewelry is Encode Ring.co.ltd.

For example, Husband said “ I love you” to his wife, the message can form to Ring design as picture!


The price are


EncodeRing(include tax)

・Platinum : JPY129,600

・18K Gold : JPY 108,000

・Pink Gold : JPY 54,000

・Silver : JPY 32,400

・Brass : JPY 29,800

Tifany loanch new collection “Tifany heardware” in Tokyo

Tifany loanch new collection “Tifany heardware” on 15th Jun at TABLOID in Tokyo.

A lot of celeblities came and were taken photos by media.sub2 sub8 sub13 sub14

TASAKI opened the new shop in Chengdu, China

Secondary famous jewelry brand after Mikimoto in Japan, Tasaki opened new store in Chengdu, China on 14th March.( No.1 the 3rd Hong Xing Road, Chengdu)

It is in the luxury shopping center, Chengdu IFS which locates center of capital city of Suchuan province.

The store is designed modern and innovative on global concept. The new launched jewelry are stylish and various designed by trendy designer.


Liu Shishi who is one of the most famous actresses in China appeared the opening ceremony.

<store detail>

<TASAKI成都国金中心店 (TASAKI Chengdu IFS)>

location:Shop No.L327, Chengdu IFS 3rd Floor No.1 the 3rd Hong Xing Road, Chengdu, China

open date: 14th March 2017

open hour :10:00~22:00tasaki

Hong Kong International Jewellery Design Excellence Award Results

JewelryDesignAwardThe biennial International Jewellery Design Excellence (IJDE) Award presentation was held 2nd March at the cocktail reception of the 34th Hong Kong international Jewellery Show. The Japanese designer Natsumi Odate won the highest honour “Champion of the Champions” with her necklace “Rhythm”, which is made using 3D technology.

“Champion of the Champions” shows nature’s beauty

A total of 165 awarded designers from 27 countries and regions participated in the competition this year. The winning piece by Natsumi Odate called “Rhythm” was created using 3D technology. The necklace simulates the form of wild grape leaves. The leaf designs change shape throughout the piece, from real-life forms to more abstract designs, symbolising the rhythm of leaves transforming step by step. Using 3D technology, the designer cast in platinum to express the delicacy of a natural form. At the same time, the abstract designs show the accuracy of craftsmanship. A magnetic fastener makes the jewellery easy to wear.


Design Concept  設計概念
Wild grape leaves change their shapes from a real, natural figure to an unreal, non-natural figure towards the end, which somehow creates a beauty of rhythm. Step by step, the leaves embody the moments of the transformation. 3D technology allows us to cast in platinum expressing the delicacy of a natural form. On the other hand, the unnatural leaves show the accuracy of craftsmanship to enhance the sharpness of abstract lines. The magnet fastening helps easy wearing.
野外的葡萄樹葉將它們的形狀從一開始一個真實自然的外形變成最後一個不真實不自然的外形,但仍製造出一個美麗的節奏。一步一步地,那些樹葉具體地象徵了每一步的轉變。 3D技術令我們可以注入白金來展示出大自然的美態。另一方面,那些不自然的樹葉展示出精準的手工技巧來使抽象線更加準確。磁力的扣栓物使用家戴上頸飾時更快更容易。

Title of Winning Design 得獎設計名稱 :Rhythm (Necklace 項鍊 )
Designer 設計師 :Natsumi ODATE (Japan 日本)
Sponsoring Company 贊助公司 :Kuwayama Corporation
Previous Winning Competition 過往得獎比賽 :
Governor of Tokyo Award,
Platinum Guild International
Award, Craftsmanship Prize, JJA
Jewellery Design Awards (2015)
(Japan 日本)

IMG_2148Natsumi Odate of Kuwayama




MIRANDA KERR wore NIWAKA ‘S jewelry at the party after 89th Academy Awards.

26th Feb 2017, Beautiful actress, MIRANDA KERR attended the after party” VANITY FAIR OSCUR PARTY” of 89th Academy Awards with Japanese jewelry brand, NIWAKA.

She wore bracelet which named 「叶(KANO)」, Japanese traditional technique to tie a string and other unique jewelry.


Photo by Getty Images






Kimino-na-wa jewelry

[Kimino-na-wa] (English name :[Your Name] Chinese name[你的名字])

is best hit movie in Japan last year.

It caused social booming not only for young people but also middle and old age of Japanese.

Now, Kimino-na-wa’s corroborations and licensed jewelry had launched by Ponte Veccio which is famous trendy jewelry brand.

It was made various color stone which express connecting man and woman by ribbon fatally.

That necklace is special version for the fun of the movie.



Diamond Sappier Amesist  blue topaz tanzanite pink tourmaline necklace

JPY 79,920

your name

Moomin jewelry was loanched

K-uno, bridal jewelry retailer, start to sell the series of  “Moomin” which is very famous character all over the world originated from Finland.

The series include not only accessories but Bridal jewelry such as designed like Moomin by professional craftman.

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MIKIMOTO renewed thier display for 2016 Chiristmas

The famous Japanese pearl brand, MIKIMOTO changed thier display of Ginza main store to Christmas.

That display named “「Sparkling Dream Tree” produced by teamLab, which is famous as innovative creation.