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Trēs Galant, a full-fledged order jewelry brand for career women, debuts this fall.

She also showed off her jewelry at the reception in Daikanyama on September 21st.Trēs GalantAugust 24, 2023 11:02FourThis fall, we will announce “Trēs Galant” as a full-fledged order jewelry brand for career women who want to stand out from the crowd.

The target is an adult career woman. Based on the concept of “leading you to the crown”, we aim to make jewelry that you want to wear when you are in a match.

We offer luxury custom-made jewelry that focuses on design and materials, produced by jewelry craftsmen who studied in Florence, Italy and worked for local brands.

A brand reception will be held at a French restaurant in Daikanyama on September 21st. We will be exhibiting jewelry made with three female entrepreneurs as models, so please enjoy the jewelry with your meal.

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