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Since its founding in 1954, TASAKI, a luxury jeweler from Japan whose two main elements are pearls and diamonds, is celebrating its 70th anniversary by creating Chainsaw Man'' andProphecy” by Tatsuki Fujimoto, one of Japan’s leading manga creators. We will be collaborating with three works, Nayuta'' andFire Punch,” and will sell limited edition jewelry inspired by each work.

This is Fujimoto’s second collaboration since 2022, including the popular dark hero action work “Chainsaw Man,” the short work “Prophecy of Nayuta,” and Fujimoto’s first serialized manga “Fire Punch,” each of which is full of originality and profound. Three works with a worldview met TASAKI’s modern and edgy jewelry, resulting in a new and innovative creation. Furthermore, to commemorate the collaboration, special key visuals featuring the three works will be released, as well as a key movie created especially for this collaboration, which will create a vivid impact and surprise within the exhibition venue. .

TASAKI Special Collaboration Key Visual ©TASAKI
TASAKI Special Collaboration Key Visual ©TASAKI

Please enjoy the world of artistic beauty that shatters stereotypes and opens up the future, created through a collaboration between Tatsuki Fujimoto’s works, which represent Japanese pop culture, and TASAKI jewelry, which is transmitted from Japan to the world.

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