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Y’s baroque pearl Collection

Y’s is the first brand created by world-renowned Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto in 1972, and is also Yamamoto’s thought and philosophy for making clothes.
Based on the concept that women wear men’s clothes, the origin is making clothes for independent women who have values that are not swept away by the times. Functional and classy everyday wear. Within its own category, Y’s creations are shaped by universal values and unique pattern making. He is particular about cutting and silhouette, makes the best use of the texture of the material, and creates clothes that cherish the feeling of air, volume, and balance between the body and the clothes that are created by wearing them.
This time, Y’s is developing a jewelry “Pearl Baroque” collection composed of baroque pearls. A one-of-a-kind model created with PFE TAKASHI DEGUCHI, a pearl jewelry brand known as a baroque pearl professional.
Pearls created in the rich nature of Ise-Shima. PFE TAKASHI DEGUCHI specializes in the handling of seawater pearls and makes jewelry that wears pearls, which are the only gems nurtured by living things.
Y’s “Pearl Baroque” collection consists of baroque pearls of different shapes, each with its own unique expression. A collection of softly shining pearls selected from natural colors instead of white.
The modern design and beautiful natural sparkle of pearls give Wise Black a lively and active breath.
The horn-like thorns embedded in the pearls are the collection’s signature, imbuing the strength in beauty and the power of a unique presence.

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