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MIKIMOTO is collaborating on the art book “Beyond”

MIKIMOTO is collaborating on the art book “Beyond” in collaboration with actor Takeru Sato and world-famous photographer Mario Sorrenti, who is also known for making Kate Moss.

“As a collaboration with Mario Sorrenti, who continues to create photographs that are completely different from those that are temporarily consumed on the Internet or Instagram, we will do our best to create works of art that will remain in the future. Ms. Sato’s thoughts of “I want to want to” overlapped greatly with the stance of the MIKIMOTO brand, which has provided beauty and richness to people’s lives for over 100 years, based on beautiful pearls nurtured by coexistence with nature. As a brand that sympathizes with the challenge of creating works that will be sent from Japan to the world,  and has also continued to propose new styles to the world, we cooperated with jewelry this time.

(C)Mario Sorrenti c/o Art Partner

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