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Carrera y Carrera New collection

Angles, lines, curves, and spheres: Architectural contrasts transformed into jewels.  The new collection from Carrera y Carrera perfectly symbolizes the reflection of the eternal light of the Universe in each of these baroque carved pieces.  White gold, diamonds, and onyx are the stars of a line fraught with innovative geometric patterns and a strong avant-garde character.

Carrera y Carrera presents Prisma.  An exuberant representation of geometry laden with reflective light effects. The technical complexity of these pieces has been sagely handled by the master goldsmiths, experts in craftsmanship and ancient traditions.  The impeccable finish and purity of form contrast with the unconventional and distinctive shapes for a spectacular effect.  A luminous and eternal creation that forms part of the infinite Universe.

Prisma ring in yellow & white gold, onyx with diamonds

Prisma mini ring in white & yellow gold