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■2024 New Collection released by Agate (Sotheby League A&S Company)

The first collection of 2024, with the annual theme of “Wear The World – Traveling Agathe,” is from Asia, which is the perfect place to start your journey. The items that are strongly scented with the two essences of “Japonism” and “Chinoiserie” will be developed.
The first is Japonism, which had a great influence on European art and fashion in the late 19th century, including Impressionist painters. Wearing traditional colors with a rich sense of color, jewelry that expresses Japanese aesthetics gently invites spring.
An item that expresses the gentle colors of Impressionist painters who were fascinated and obsessed with Japan. Additionally, previously popular products have been redesigned to include necklaces accented with metal parts that give a slightly Japanese feel.

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