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■ First jewelry for babies

Children’s clothing BREEZE has started accepting orders for amber baby rings.
BREEZE, a children’s brand developed by FO International Co., Ltd., will receive orders for baby rings using “amber” produced in Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture, where a comprehensive partnership agreement has been signed, at some BREEZE stores from August 2023. We will start selling.
Kuji City in Iwate Prefecture is the only area in Japan where amber is produced and has been known for a long time.
Amber is very popular in Japan and is sold at department stores and special events.

■ Baby ring
The first jewelry to give a baby. As for the origin, it has the meaning of “not to worry about food” and “to be happy”. You can give a special memorial gift that is unique to the world, such as taking a photo to commemorate your birth or giving it as a gift to celebrate your 20th birthday. #Baby ring #Kuji City #amber baby rings

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