JJDA can observe how jewellery design drawings can be a way of exploring possibilities for advancing designers’ skills and design ideas through “Japan Jewellery Design competitions”.
This is a design drawing competition that evaluate how the applicant’s concept and idea are expressed in his/her drawing based on the theme given by JJDA, and what the design will propose to our social world.

A total of 378 works from 202 applicants out of 736 submissions on the 2016  were awarded.
The prize winning works were exhibited in4 cities: Tokyo,Osaka  Itami, and Nagoya.

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Japanese pearls were appealed successfully to Prime ministers in G7 Summit Japan

This was an extremely meaningful opportunity to promote the appeal of Japan’s Pearl to the world.

Pearl Lapel Pin brooch were gaved from Abe Shinzo, prime minister of Japan to other prime ministers on 1st day in G7 Summit.

Special lapel pin for the Ise-shima G7 Summit

The pearls in this pin symbolize harmony between humanity and nature. In Shima, we strive to preserve this harmony for future generations.

3mm-5mm Akoya pearls cultivated at Ago Bay in Mie Prefecture

This pin is not offered as mere decoration. It symbolizes the intricate relationship of humankind and the natural world. For several thousand years, the people of Shima-city worked in harmony with the sea, as fishing played a central role in our way of life. In the last century, industrialization has presented challenges to this harmony, as it has in many other parts of the world. The Satoumi Project is striving to restore the balance with nature that has been so meaningful and nourishing to Shima-City for centuries, and to pass this balance on to future generations.

The pearls in this pin represent one of the fruits of this balance. Without a diverse and thriving marine ecosystem, their beauty would not be possible. They hopes that G7 leaders will accept and wear this pin. In doing so, you will support us in advocating the cultivation and preservation of our relationship with the natural world.

japan_akoya_pearlDesigned by Jo Nakamura , organized by Mie Prefecture Pearl Promotion Council

Pearl Lapel Pin

Size:3cm x 2cm Akoya pearls:3mm-5mm K18 Gold



New Addition to “M/G TASAKI” with the Theme “INTENSITY”

TASAKI (TASAKI & Co., Ltd.; Kobe Headquarter Office: 6-3-2 Minatojima Nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe; Tokyo Headquarter Office: 5-7-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Board Director & CEO: Toshikazu
TAJIMA) will start sales of new items in the “M/G TASAKI” line from June 7th (Tue), 2016.
With the theme “INTENSITY”, the London-based Head Designer, Melanie Georgacopoulos, has come up with three innovative designs, representing the “powerful beauty” common to women and pearls, which draw out new appeal from pearls.
“PYRAMID PEARLS” is pearl jewellery overflowing with modern luxe, with a three-dimensional stacked design. A variety of items of yellow gold with pearls and diamonds are deployed to give you a sense of TASAKI’s high craftsmanship, including a ring inspired by geometric shapes and the works of Victor Vasarely, the standard bearer of op art (artistic works that creates special optical illusions), and a necklace that strings together three-dimensional motifs.
“CUBIC  PEARL”  takes  “harbouring  a  big  secret”  as  its  motif  and  is  a  design  featuring  pearls
nestling a tiny cube. The shining yellow gold cube shaking inside the hollow formed in the pearls themselves is also reminiscent of a pearl being protected inside the shell.
Moreover,  “FLORAL  SLICED”,  which  brings  new  ideas  to  the  signature  design  “SLICED”,  is  a design full of organic beauty. The cross sections of sliced pearls are decorated with yellow-gold petals, creating a design that represents the admiration for nature.
Please enjoy TASAKI’s unique, innovative and richly elegant “M/G TASAKI” line of new jewellery that drmainph_20160607_1aws out new appeal from pearls.

Japanese Cristmas Jewelry Collection

Ponteveccio, one of the biggest fashion jwelry chain store loanched 2015 chiristmas collection at 15th November.

1.~3. SV925Y,Gcubic ring JP¥17,000 4.SV925 YG coating cubic zircon year clip JP¥24,000 5.SV925 YG coating cubic zircon pierce JP¥11,000

1.~3. SV925Y,Gcubic ring JP¥17,000
4.SV925 YG coating cubic zircon year clip JP¥24,000
5.SV925 YG coating cubic zircon pierce JP¥11,000

1.K18WG black diamond ring JP\289,000 2.K18WG diamond ring JP\310,000

1.K18WG black diamond ring JP\289,000
2.K18WG diamond ring JP\310,000




The Nightmare Before Christmas Jewelry

K-uno, one of the biggest ordermade bridal  jwelry chain store loanched new collection which is The Nightmare Before Christmas character.

Left neckless:¥38,000(K18YG,SV/ ¥12,000(SV) Center neckless:¥ 8,800 (SV)/ ¥33,000(K18YG) Pierce:¥28,000(K18YG,SV / ¥12,000(SV)

Left neckless:¥38,000(K18YG,SV/ ¥12,000(SV)
Center neckless:¥ 8,800 (SV)/ ¥33,000(K18YG)
Pierce:¥28,000(K18YG,SV / ¥12,000(SV)


BVLGARI held [THE ART of BVLGARI 130 YEARS OF ITALIAN MASTERPIECES] in Japan from September 2015.

The collection has about 250 jewelries for this 130 years from 19th century.

It is possible to find creativity and excellent design style of BVLGARI there.

At Opening ceremony, “this is good opportunity to know about cooperation between Japan and BVLGARI since we had first shop in Tokyo in 1987.said Mr. Nicola Bvlgari, Vice president of   BVLGARI.main sub4

Carrera y Carrera New collection

Angles, lines, curves, and spheres: Architectural contrasts transformed into jewels.  The new collection from Carrera y Carrera perfectly symbolizes the reflection of the eternal light of the Universe in each of these baroque carved pieces.  White gold, diamonds, and onyx are the stars of a line fraught with innovative geometric patterns and a strong avant-garde character.


Carrera y Carrera presents Prisma.  An exuberant representation of geometry laden with reflective light effects. The technical complexity of these pieces has been sagely handled by the master goldsmiths, experts in craftsmanship and ancient traditions.  The impeccable finish and purity of form contrast with the unconventional and distinctive shapes for a spectacular effect.  A luminous and eternal creation that forms part of the infinite Universe.

Prisma ring in yellow & white gold, onyx with diamonds

Prisma ring in yellow & white gold, onyx with diamonds

Prisma mini ring in white & yellow gold

Prisma mini ring in white & yellow gold

Gime l Ring for couples who want to be together forever

Gimel ring is the one which connect two rings looks like couples who loves each other and want to be together forever.

The Gimel ring was born in 16th or 17th century in Europe.

The ring used for marriage ring at that time and revival now by K-uno who is the biggest order made bridal ring company.

Connect 2 rings, for mens:JPY128,000 (Pt/K18YG) For ladies JPY110,000(Pt/K18PG) Connect 2 rings, for mens:JPY138,000 (K18WG/K18YG/K18PG) , For ladies JPY 110,000 (K18WG/K18YG/K18PG)

Connect 2 rings, for mens:JPY128,000 (Pt/K18YG)
For ladies JPY110,000(Pt/K18PG)
Connect 2 rings, for mens:JPY138,000 (K18WG/K18YG/K18PG) , For ladies JPY
110,000 (K18WG/K18YG/K18PG)

Japan Jewelry Design Award 2015

The result of Japan Jewelry Design Award was announced at last.

The show category is 10 genres.

Miss Japan came at the party which was held when the awards was annunced.

grand JJDA keisansho korosho shinjin taitoku w yamanashi


TASAKI bridal Jewelry Fair

TASAKI(head office in Kobe) holds “Bridal Jewelry Fair” on all stores from 14th to 31st August.

TASAKI who is only company of De beers sight holder in Japan.

So, they can show many kinds of special diamonds to their client at that fair.


New collection series “Bound” engagement ring

They also launch 3 new collections during the fair.