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Japanese Jewelry Design Conpetition In KOFU

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jewelry

K-uno, one of the biggest ordermade bridal  jwelry chai […]

Carrera y Carrera New collection

Angles, lines, curves, and spheres: Architectural contr […]

Gime l Ring for couples who want to be together forever

Gimel ring is the one which connect two rings looks lik […]

Diamond Propose Campaign

EXELCO DIAMOND start their original proposal campaign. […]

New Color Stone jewellrey debut

  Ponte Veccio, which is large retailer in Japan , […]

CIMA launch New ring “Wild Rose”

One of the largest Bridal jewelry chain store, CIMA lau […]

New material Jewellrey 「COBARION」 Debut

The global famous company, [KYOCERA] launched new Jewel […]

Japanese Traditional Tecnique ” MOKUMEGANE”

MOKUMEGANE technique is very difficult.Master the craft […]

Character jewelry are populer in Japan

Japanese consumer like character, Mikey mouse, Hello Ke […]